Rainy Day Designs - Graphic Arts Studio in Colorful Carbondale Colorado | Rainy Day Session
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Rainy Day Session

At Rainy Day Designs, we recognize the critical need for businesses like yours to take a conscientious “pause” in the drive for success in order to move forward with a creative and insightful strategy.

This “Rainy Day” concept is our way of removing the distractions and business demands from your schedule — for one day — so we can better explore your business and the unique factors that ultimately define and differentiate your brand. We come together in a comfortable, creative, yet focused and structured environment. We shut the door and turn off the phones. We pose a series of targeted questions, and we don’t leave until we’ve all offered a few thought-provoking answers. We then pour over the responses to identify similarities which then become the pillars of your brand. It’s a great way to stoke an existing organization or build a new one with intention and direction.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more — drop us a note